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What do you see?

Published May 5, 2015 by moradalila2010

What do you see when you look at me?

Many that truly know me and has allowed for me to reveal my true self to them have experience something remarkable about me and vise versa, God has allowed me to dig deep: looking through all my so called “ugliness.” Digging deep into those scares that I’ve once thought were shameful to show, not worthy to be seen. Thus I covered them (these scars). Cover them for a very long time. It is through poetry, fellowship, the Bible, my proclamation of faith to Jesus (our Savior), and countenances I’ve allowed the Truth to be told.

I ENJOY my VULNERABILITY. I REJOICE the grace embodied through my soul. EMBRACE my inner child. Encountering Fear with a smile, dances and cheers.

I am SATISFIED and CONTENT with everything: past, present and future. Nothing cannot be taken away from me because I am a child of God; I trust in Him, our Lord and Savior. What more can I ask for…

Adapt, Defeat and Conquer!