El Ricon de la Mariposas; Ropiendo las Cadenas del silencio:

Published March 6, 2015 by moradalila2010

~Moradalila/Purple Butterfly~

I’ve seen myself in the light and in the dark.
I want to take everything off; no shame, no words just show… you’ll see what I see, just look into my eyes.
While you see what I see close your eyes and hear my heart’s beats.
Allow me to sing a song without opening my lips.
Allow me to take you, embrace you and show you what really matters.
Take every thing off. No shame. No words, just our Spirits interacting with the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
Allow Him to take you in; don’t be scared. He knows every thing!
No shame just listen to the song that I’ve learned to sing.
Pure, humble and in symphony…

Listen.. do you hear our hearts beating? Doesn’t it sooth you? Doesn’t it tell us our stories? Show every thing. No shame. No words. Just listen…

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