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Fear pt.2 (spanglish)

Published February 16, 2015 by moradalila2010

Give me a bottle of wine.
Dandome por pecho por aquellos que estan batallando la soledad, el miedo, sus antojos que la vida no le quiso dar.

Pass me the white wine. toasting for those who fear and those who are capable of placing their hand on fire for those they love. never missing a beat, never missing a breath, never missing a kiss… i am not afraid.

Fear is standing beside me mocking me; asking me to stay with him tonight; trying so hard to fool me.
Me gusta jugar contigo Miedo; aprendi como utilizarte como mi marioneta. cres que me vas a controlar? un beso en la mejilla con mis labios rojos; el color de ambicion, y pasion; un beso con mis labios morados, el color de conquista y de triunfo…

Pass me that glass of wine… come Fear. i am not the little girl you us to manipulate. now, i shall tease you; laugh while you fear me…