A Glee Moment

Published April 1, 2014 by moradalila2010

We meet people day by day. But there are some people who stay close to you (in your heart). Once you say your fair-wells; you begin to wonder, where will these people end up in a few years? or would we meet again? It’s destine to meet one another. Some, most than other, feel that they have meet before (can you say day-cha-boo) and it’s an instant connect.

I’ve seen and heard from many, we’ve been through a lot after H.S., however each challenge we take upon has been won, each of us have grown in our own ways; leaving behind a lot of painful & sad moments but keeping the good & fabulous one; promising ourselves that we’ll remain as friends and to never look back…

I cannot emphasis how content I am with all of the people who I’ve had an honor to meet. Each moment in my life, I consider a lesson; another moment to sail through the storm and find the light; to see myself in the mirror for who I really am (that includes previous relationships, old-new friends, ex-coworkers and coworkers)…

I’m about to be a mother! This I am thankful and give some of the create to people who considered me more than just a “weirdo, nerd or random chick” and/or “classmate, student, neighbor, or ex-acquaintance/friend.”

I am overwhelmed with joy, love and gratitude…

~Morada Lila~

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